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Unrivaled was formed by Kyle Litzie and Zack Smith, two lifelong gun nerds turned competition shooters. Both found success in the competition world relatively quickly and credit this to their willingness to experiment with different gear and shooting techniques, refining both. Between the two, they hold State, Regional, and National Champion titles in multiple disciplines of practical shooting including 3-Gun, 2-Gun, IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, and Kalshnikov (AK) competitions. Originally they just made custom components for themselves when the market didn’t offer what they were looking for.  The goal was to have better performing firearms so they would have an advantage over the competition. Eventually, there was sufficient demand that they started producing components for the public in 2021.

Our company culture is one of a deep love of the Second Amendment and performance shooting. We love helping increase the capability of shooters with great gear and the most modern techniques. Currently our patented buffer system and unique muzzle brake design have been dominating the competition circuit. Our philosophy is that if our products can meet the exacting demands of the top competition shooters, they are adequate for general use as well.

Also, we love America. All of our products always have and always will be 100% made and assembled in the USA.

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