2 Stage Dead Blow Duty Buffer (UDB-M4-D)


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Drop in buffer for “Duty” or “Tactical” AR15s

  • Same reciprocating mass as a standard carbine buffer (3.2oz)
  • Embedded magnets keep dead blow weight in proper position for consistent shot to shot recoil and cycling
  • Eliminate bolt bounce
  • Increase reliability
  • 2-stage spring system for additional recoil dampening
  • Smoother action
  • Drops in any carbine buffer tube
  • Captured
  • Ideal for standard weight/mil-spec bolt carriers
  • Does not need adjustable gas system

*Note:  If your rifle is already over-gassed and needs a heavier than carbine buffer (H1-H3), this product will not fix that.  It will function but is not ideal.  For this specific circumstance, we recommend regulating the gas with an adjustable gas block or carrier key if you purchase this buffer.  Or not purchasing this buffer and using an extra heavy buffer or A5 buffer system from VLTOR if you choose to leave the gas system alone.  We always prefer people to have the best shooting rifle for them over making a sale.


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