2 Stage Dead Blow Duty Buffer (UDB-M4-D)

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A full mass version of our championship winning competition buffer.

  • Same reciprocating mass as standard carbine buffer (3.2oz)
  • Ideal for “duty” or “tactical” rifles
  • Imbedded magnets keep dead blow weight in proper position for consistent shot to shot recoil and cycling
  • Magnentic dead blow system eliminates bolt bounces
  • 2-stage spring system for additional recoil dampening
  • Smoother action
  • Faster follow up shots on target
  • Drops in any carbine buffer tube
  • Captured
  • Ideal when paired with standard weight/mil-spec bolt carriers
Weight1 lbs

2 reviews for 2 Stage Dead Blow Duty Buffer (UDB-M4-D)

  1. Silent

    Felt recoil was enormously reduced using this compared to a standard milspec buffer and spring, I was actually very shocked at how much more stable and flat my rifle felt to fire. Was like getting lightly struck on the shoulder by a 4 year-old, this buffer will just make your gun shoot like a dream you will not be disappointed

  2. John Hansen

    I just got the Duty buffer and it exceeded my expectations fully! My rifle has absolutely “ZERO” muzzle rise/flip, and the ‘zing’ you hear on regular buffer springs is gone too. So much smoother to use and follow up shots are NOT a problem as you never leave you intended impact point. Worth every cent spent.

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