Kalashnikov Muzzle Brake (UB-7.62×39)

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For 7.62mm AKs with standard 14x1LH threads.  (Other calibers and thread patterns coming soon!)

A unique two-piece design that outperforms the competition or enemy.  The product of nearly two years of research and development by champion shooters Kyle Litzie and Zack Smith  to get the most effective rifle muzzle brake.  The baffle design drastically reduces the rear recoil impulse of the gun while the expansion chamber and high/low pressure ports allow the end user to tune muzzle direction movement. The expansion chamber adds dwell time to the gas system for more reliable function, similar to the Russian AK-74 muzzle brake. The result is the fastest and flattest AK shooting experience possible.  This brake was recently used by four of our shooters at Red Oktober 2021 with excellent results:

Kyle Litzie – 1st Heavy Irons

Max Leograndis – 1st Heavy Open

Zack Smith – 2nd Heavy Open

During the development and testing phase our shooters also claimed wins at Kalash Bash 2021 (1st Heavy Irons), Red Oktober Cold War 2021 (1st Heavy Irons & Overall), Kalashni-Con 2021 (1st Overall), Desert Brutality 2020 (1st AK division), and Kalash Bash 2020 (1st & 2nd Overall and 1st Heavy Irons).

The ability to tune out muzzle climb by directing just the right amount of gas in the right direction is a substantial advantage for the shooter.  Not having to “muscle” your gun back on target is faster, more consistent, and frees up your body and mind to solve other shooting related tasks.  There are many variables that affect muzzle climb: shape of the gun stock, barrel length, gas system, recoil springs, ammunition selection, left/right handed, shooter size, shooter stance, ect.  Each brake has five high pressure ports at 45 degree intervals along with three low pressure ports for fine tuning.  Ports can be open, partially closed with aperture plugs, or completely plugged.  This provides a combination to give every shooter and gun the best recoil solution.

Included with each muzzle brake: Installation and tuning instructions, gas port plugs and partial aperture plugs, thread locker, and hex wrench for the plugs.

No expense is spared in the manufacturing of this brake.  High quality American steel that is machined, heat treated, and coated in America by Americans. Finished with Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD).

1 review for Kalashnikov Muzzle Brake (UB-7.62×39)

  1. Kevin Richardson (verified owner)

    The brake is about the size of a .223 SJC Titan brake but only weighs 3.8 oz. I installed it on an Atlantic Firearms Romanian Plum AK with a 16” barrel, small bore KNS piston, & ALG AKT trigger using a Precision Armament crush spring to take out some of the wobble. I initially installed all the gas port plugs with blue Loctite since I was adjusting at a public range and didn’t want to worry about any of the plugs walking out during tuning/testing. That worked. I did an unscientific side by side comparison test to an Arsenal Sam7 with a Meridian Defense BD2-AK brake, a Rifle Dynamics 703 Classic with a Surefire Procomp brake, and a Meridian Defense MDC-47 with a BD3-AK brake. The comparison AKs all had ALG AKT triggers, the milled Arsenal had a stock piston, the Rifle Dynamics had their tunable gas block, and the Meridian Defense had a small bore KNS piston. Given the different barrel lengths, milled vs. non-milled receivers, different settings on the KNS pistons or Rifle Dynamics adjustable gas block, and the fact that all these muzzle brakes are effective, I couldn’t accurately gauge how much more effective the rearward angled baffles on the Unrivaled brake were compared to the other brakes. However, the ability to tune the high/low pressure ports to control muzzle direction movement is absolutely golden. By watching the red dot movement during recoil, I could clearly see the effectiveness with each shot I took as I removed the plugs one at a time in the necessary manner to counter my “up and to the right” muzzle movement. Looking at the brake from the rear, and being a right handed shooter, I ended up with removing the 12 o’clock, 1-2 o’clock, and 3 o’clock high pressure port plugs and the middle low pressure port plug. Once I made those adjustments, it was noticeably easier and quicker to stay on target off hand shooting steel popper targets at 50 to 100 yards, compared to the other AKs with the other muzzle brakes. The 2nd best brake was the Surefire Procomp on the 703 Classic, specifically because Rifle Dynamics drilled out the 3 o’clock blind pilot hole which helped to counteract the “up and to the right” muzzle climb a right handed shooter experiences but to a less effective degree than the Unrivaled brake allows. The Meridian Defense BD2 and BD3-AK brakes were good at minimizing rear recoil impulse, but since it’s a symmetrical design, you have to actively combat the “up and to the right” muzzle climb a little bit more. To be clear, the KNS pistons or the Rifle Dynamics tunable gas block took out a lot of the recoil from these AKs, but the ability to fine tune the muzzle movement was the final piece of the puzzle that I was personally missing, and which I know was slowing down my splits in competitions. All in all, I’m very satisfied with the Unrivaled brake and I’d like to give a sincere thank you to Kyle Litzie and Zack Smith for bringing this level of muzzle brake adjustability to the AK world.

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