Siege Brake .223/5.56 (SB3-5.56)

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  • Slightly slimmer and lighter than our UB brake
  • Uses an internal expansion chamber to reduce recoil and maximize tunability
  • Tunable via drilling dimples at expansion chamber (instructions provided)
  • Simplified design is perfect for all builds
  • Drastically reduces recoil and also functions as a compensator
  • For .223/5.56mm or 5.45mm caliber rifles with 1/2″-28 barrel threads
  • Includes crush washer
  • Makes 16″ overall length on 13.7″ or longer barrels (possibly 13.5″ but depends on barrel thread length)
  • 3.100″ Overall length with the actual length after muzzle crown being ~2.600″ (legal for most competition divisions)
  • .894″ Diameter at widest point
  • 3.2oz Weight
  • No frills design without threaded adjustment ports is less costly to manufacture so we pass the savings along to the end user
  • Brakes are bead blasted then go through QPQ Black Nitride giving them a slightly matte black finish
  • 100% made in the USA like all of our products

Our UB brake is still slightly more effective but the Siege brake is a great option for general use on non “gamer gun” builds or even for the serious competition shooter who prefers a lighter muzzle device and/or doesn’t want to mess with the adjustments of the UB brake.

Weight.25 lbs
Dimensions1 × 1 × 4 in

3 reviews for Siege Brake .223/5.56 (SB3-5.56)

  1. John Spier

    I cant really give an honest review of this brake as I installed it at the same time that I installed the Unrivaled Tech dead blow buffer system. What I CAN say is WOW the combination of the two yielded amazing results. My 13.5 ” adjustable gas AR is so flat now that the dot never moves. My doubles are routinely less than an inch apart at 30- 50 yards and I’m talking .14 split doubles…If you shoot Action rifle of any type, I strongly suggest you get this combo. I did spend some time tuning the brake to get these results, but the process is super simple and doesn’t require any kind of specialized tools, I used a cordless drill and some good quality drill bits, just start slow, it doesn’t take much. I was done in less time than it takes to zero a red dot.

  2. Hiram Daoud

    I just purchased Siege Brake and Duty Buffer combo today 1/28/2024 I’m very excited and can’t wait for it to arrive So i can install it and test it out at the range. I gave it a 5 star even though i just made the purchase today yet that’s how confident I’m feeling with this. Thanks UNRIVALED i will see you guys on the next review. 🤟✌️

  3. BadxMike

    While you do not have the Ultimate Tunability that comes with the UB, I have this guy on my truck rifle. The amount of felt recoil is reduced to the point that I do not lose sight of the object i’m aiming at. The install was super easy and well worth the money! Even if you are like me and used the Siege Brake as a stepping stool in order hold me over til I got the UB. I honestly want to say that the amount of effect to cost is well within a logical mind to purchase.

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